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Insurance Basics

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Aside from the obvious fact that learning auto insurance basics will enable you to make an effort to avoid getting troubles on the road, there are also some basic concepts that could save the dollars from your pocket.

When you know your options

Learning insurance basics should precede shopping around for insurance.  At the start, when you are shopping for an insurance coverage, you can cut your cost if you try to explore as many options as you can.  There are countless insurance companied out there and the competition is tough.  Thus, there is a tendency that some would be offering some promotions that maybe available only in a particular time.  For example, a well known insurance company may give a great discount celebrating their anniversary.  Keeping this aside, it is a fact that insurance companies differ in their quotes even when the offer is almost identical.

Research about what affects your insurance premium

Learning auto insurance basics is useless if you take this topic for granted.  If you are aiming to get the best deal, learn the basic strategies in minimizing your premium by having an idea of how the quotation is calculated.

One thing that affects the premium is the model of your car.  Insurers are basing the calculated risk by checking into statistics of what car models are susceptible to be stolen.  Likewise, the model also reflects the durability of the car.  With higher risk, you get higher premium quote. With an old car, you’ll be quoted higher too.  It is highly recommended that when you are still on the stage of choosing a car, research on the car safety ratings.

In addition, it may surprise you that your credit score has something to do with your insurance premium.  You may not find this in auto insurance basics lecture or books.  It will pay if your make it a point to settle your outstanding debts in order to reflect a good credit score.

Important Auto insurance basics – increase your deductibles; boost your liability coverage

You may initially disagree with this idea because it means getting out more money from your pocket.  Nevertheless, this approach will give you a greater benefit.  If you raise your deductibles and increase your liability coverage to a level that entitles you to comprehensive and collision coverage, then it would be a great gain on your part.  This holds particularly true if your car is an expensive car.  On the contrary, if your car is not expensive, you may totally dismiss this strategy.  You have to evaluate the worthiness of this approach with the value of your car.

Knowing auto insurance basics will pay you a reward in terms of cutting costs for your insurance bills.